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Indoor Outdoor Thermometer M120i

Inclement Weather Model

M120i indoor outdoor thermometer

M120 thermometer front view

M120 thermometer side view

M120 thermometer back view

M120 thermometer bottom view

M120 thermometer and stand shown together Shown with Thermometer Stand  Accessory

M120 temperature probe

M120 thermometer switch settings

Our inclement weather Indoor Outdoor Thermometer is ideal in warehouses, industrial assembly areas, laboratories, lobbies, recreational vehicles, yachts, or in your home.  Install it on the wall, or place it on a countertop with the add on Thermometer Stand  accessory.  Designed to perform.  Built to last.

Angle & Distance for Superior Visibility

Viewing Angle
At 130° the visibility is nearly side to side.

Viewing Distance
50ft (15m) will accommodate the length of even large rooms.

These combined give you 84% coverage in a 50x50ft (15x15m) room.

Diagram showing visibility coverage is 84 percent
84% Coverage

M120i Thermometer Specifications


Height 1.5in (38mm)
Four dual color LEDs...
~632nm λred
~570nm λgreen

Viewing Angle


viewing Distance

50ft (15m)


12 Settings for over 2,000 display combinations

Temperature Scales

°C  °F  °K

Internal Range

 -20  <>    85  °C
   -4  <>  185  °F
253  <>  358  °K

External Range

 -40  <>  125  °C
 -40  <>  257  °F
233  <>  398  °K


0.1° or 0°

Measurement Cycle

1 2 4 or 8 seconds

Power Consumption

35mA at 5V DC

Power Adapter

Input: 100-240VAC 0.4A 50/60Hz
Output: 5.0VDC at ~1000mA

Outer Case

High-strength 16-gauge stainless-steel (~1/16in, ~1.6mm)


7.25  x  5.25  x  1.375 in
185  x  133  x  35 mm
2.0lbs (0.915kg)


Made in USA

Overrated & Underused

Thermometer power switch

If our current draw is 35mA, then a 5Amp rated switch would be excellent.

Our switch demands a lifetime of 3,000 cycles, so a switch with a 30,000 cycle lifetime is ideal.

Heavy Duty
A high-strength, high-performance, product that produces superior results for decades.

Outdoor Temperature Probe Specifications

Temperature Range

 -40  <>  125  °C
 -40  <>  257  °F
233  <>  398  °K


+/-0.25 °C from -40 to 125 °C


< 0.01 °C/Year


Silicon Labs Si7051




RJ9 with locking tab

Cable Length

7ft (2m)


Polished corrosion resistant stainless steel
2.5in (64mm) tall
0.275in (7mm) diameter


Made in USA

Explore Possibilities

Set the thermometer display the way you prefer from 2,000+ possible combinations . . .

Temperature display showing 1/10ths precision
1/10ths, Fahrenheit scale, green.

Temperature display rounded to nearest degree
Rounded to the nearest degree.

Temperature display showing red color
Select red or green for each sensor.

Temperature display showing both sensors simultaneously
Or display both sensors simultaneously.

M120i Thermometer In Words . . .

Sensor accuracy +/- 0.25 °C, from -40 - 125 °C (+/- 0.5 °F from -40 - 257 °F).  Stability variance less than 0.01 °C/Year (0.02 °F/Year).  Indoor range -20 to 85 °C (-4 to 185 °F).  Outdoor range -40 to 125 °C (-40 to 257 °F).

When you plug in the external temperature probe, the thermometer immediately begins to display its measurement on the front panel.  Unplug the probe and the TempEye° M120 switches back to only displaying the indoor temperature.  When the ambient light changes in the room, the display immediately adjusts it's brightness to match.

If you lose power, no matter, since the unit will immediately start again with all your settings when power is back.  Want it to display during power outages?  Just add our 5V USB Battery Backup to your order.  It functions as a mini UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

We carefully test and choose each component to last, to have the right feel, and or to emit the correct light wavelength.  From the metal case, internal board, trace widths, component mean time to failure, range and tolerances, to cycle tests, every part was carefully tested and selected.

And yes it has a physical on/off switch too, unheard of today.  Each M120i Thermometer is made in our USA factory.

The M120i is controlled by 12 switch settings on the back, with a label identifying each switch.  Quickly try out the different features to find those that best match your needs.  Adjust colors, precision, temperature scales, display rate, single/dual display, scale indicators, and the heartbeat.

Set & Forget Design

Options DIP switch

Designed so it can be set up once and then forgotten.

No need to worry about replacing batteries, fixing settings after power glitches, or keeping manuals handy.

Peace of mind designed in.

Black thermometer with stand on rocks

Bottom air vent for internal temperature sensor

Printed circuit board angled

You can accidentially drive over your
TempEye° M120 and it will still
provide years of service!
— Steven W

Using only natural atoms,
the TempEye° M120 meets the highest standards
for safe atom use.
— Frank W

Built to last
while still within your grasp,
the TempEye° M120.
— Chan W

You can accidentially drive over your
TempEye° M120 and it will still
provide years of service!
— Steven W

Using only natural atoms,
the TempEye° M120 meets the highest standards
for safe atom use.
— Frank W

In the Box

12x10x8in (30x25x20cm)

  • M120 Thermometer
    Base controller with internal temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, 1.5-in high LED display, and 12 option switches providing 2,000+ different configurations
  • Power Cable
    USB type A to type A with a 3-foot (1-meter) length
  • Power Adapter
    With 100V-240V AC 0.4A 50/60Hz input and 5.0V DC at ~1000mA output
  • External Temperature Probe
    With a 7-foot (2-meter) cable, installation spring clip &hardware
  • English Users Guide
    With external temperature probe installation instructions
  • Sheet Music
    Of the official TempEye° M120 Series jingle

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