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Inclement Weather Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer - M120i

Product 160020SLS thumbnail image Indoor/outdoor thermometer with one internal indoor temperature probe, and one 7-foot external outdoor temperature probe.  Ideal in warehouses, industrial assembly areas, laboratories, lobbies, recreational vehicles, yachts, or in your home.  Designed to perform.  Built to last  Order Now

Dual Probe Scientific Thermometer - M120s

Product 160030SLS thumbnail image Has two 7-foot external temperature probes.  It also includes the internal indoor temperature probe, so there are actually three temperature probes with this product.  When both external probes are plugged in, the internal probe is passed over.  When only one external probe is plugged in, you can pass over the internal probe with a dip switch setting  Order Now

Indoor Thermometer - M120b

Product 160010SLS thumbnail image Robust indoor thermometer with internal indoor temperature probe.  Ideal for large areas where visibility is paramount, such as control rooms, factory floors, laboratories and warehouses.  The M120b is the base controller and display for all our M120 Series thermometers and has two RJ9 ports for adding external temperature sensors when needed  Order Now

Configure Your Own Thermometer - M120

The M120 Series base thermometer, but you configure it for your specific needs.  Select one, two, or no external temperature probes, and specify the probe cable lengths.  If you order the M120 with no external probes, it will function as an indoor only thermometer.  The external probes do not have to be ordered with the base unit, and are easy to plug in later  Configure Now


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