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TempEye° designs, manufactures and sells digital thermometers that are accurate, nearly indestructible, easy to set up, and can be read from a distance.

Our products include the flagship TempEye° M120 Series thermometers for precise dual temperature applications, including industrial, medical, scientific, military, and residential indoor outdoor applications.

We love telling the temperature and welcome the opportunity to tell the temperature for you too.  If we do not have what you're looking for, let us know what you have in mind.

First Inklings

The concept of TempEye°s first product came together in 2012 when the founders were unhappy with the digital thermometers that were available, and decided to make their own line of quality products.  We have stuck to making robust quality products, and as a private firm, we refuse to make a digital thermometer that does not sustain our standards of excellence.


Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, 30 miles South of Salt Lake City.  Click for mountain trail view 10 miles from our office.

Back plate to M120 Thermometer case

TempEye° M120 Series Back Plate

16-Gauge Stainless Steel


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