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Precise Digital Thermometers

Light-switch simple functionality in robust form factors.

Built To Last

Printed circuit board at a near horizontal angle

It starts with a 'built to last' engineering philosophy.  This guides the product specifications and drives the component selection.  All designed with ease of use in mind.  The result is a robust precision thermometer that will provide years of service.  Made in USA.

M120 Series Thermometers . . .

Indoor Outdoor Thermometer M120i
Indoor Outdoor Thermometer - M120i

Scientific Thermometer M120s
Scientific Thermometer - M120s

Indoor Thermometer M120b
Indoor Only Thermometer - M120b
(in Black Metal style)

Explore Possibilities

Set the thermometer display the way you prefer from 2,000+ possible combinations . . .

Temperature display showing 1/10ths precision
1/10ths precision, Fahrenheit scale, green.

Temperature display rounded to nearest degree
Rounded to the nearest degree.

Temperature display showing red color
Select red or green for each sensor.

Temperature display showing both sensors simultaneously
Or display both sensors simultaneously.

We follow the 'set & forget' design philosophy which lets you set up your thermometer once, and then forget it.  No need to worry about losing settings after power glitches, replacing low batteries, or that the product will soon wear out.

Angle & Distance for Superior Visibility

Viewing Angle
At 130° the visibility is nearly side to side.

Viewing Distance
50ft (15m) will accommodate the length of even large rooms.

These combined give you 84% coverage in a 50x50ft (15x15m) room.

Diagram showing visibility coverage is 84 percent
84% Coverage

TempEye° M120 Jingle

TempEye° M120 product jingle first two bars

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