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Keeping an eye on the temperature.


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TempEye° M120 Series Questions

How long can the external temperature probe cables be?

21 Feet (6 meters) in length.
Our standard length cable is 7 feet long (~2 meters).  The longest we sell is 21 feet long (~6 meters).  The longest we successfully tested was 35 feet long (~10-meters).  We do not recommend any cable over 21 feet long since nominal adverse RF waves, static electricity, capacitance, or varying temperature conditions, can cause the cable and system to not perform properly.

'Set and Forget' design?

An engineering discipline where a product's features and functions are developed so the customer can set it up once, and then forget it.  No need to worry about replacing low batteries, losing settings upon power glitches, having to keep manuals handy, or worrying that product will soon wear out.  Peace of mind is designed in.  The TempEye° M120 Series was developed with 'Set and Forget' design goals in mind.

Is there a wireless version?

No.  The TempEye° M120 Series was designed to not use batteries, to make it robust and a low maintenance product.  It might take more effort to install, but once done, that is it, due to it's 'Set and Forget' design.

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